Working With Your Funeral Director for a Custom Casket

When it comes to planning a personalized funeral service with a custom casket, there is no one more important to ensuring this process runs smoothly than your funeral director. Your funeral director should always be your main point of contact with any and all ideas regarding your loved one's service. To help make this possible, the family's communication during this process plays a huge role. 


The first step in ordering a custom casket design from is to communicate this to your funeral director. This is helpful because:

During the few days of planning a funeral or memorial service, there are a variety of things to handle, and your funeral director should be the main point of contact with everything. Ensuring they know, up front, your desire to have a custom casket design or personalized casket, will ensure the process goes smoothly, and allows for the best funeral service for your loved one. 


Should you have any questions on CasketWraps, or creating a personalized and meaningful memorial for your loved one, please do not hesitate to contact our team ( to learn more. CasketWraps is dedicated to being a leader in custom caskets and casket personalization, and can help make the process easier than you every dreamed it could be.

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